High heels are comfortable if you are used to wearing them. They are comfortable if they are not too high for your body and not too tight on your legs. However, high heels can be uncomfortable if they don’t fit on your legs and if you can’t walk freely on them.

We women are very unique. We do things in different dimensions. We wear things that make us look great, attractive, and appealing. Some may call it “looking s*xy”.

Wearing high heels are part of women’s life. It is only a few women that can boldly say they can’t and don’t wear high heels. Others can run, walk, and even dance on heels. Take Beyonce as an example. Beyonce is one of those divas that can wear 6 inches high heels and still dances with them.

Are High Heels Comfortable?

High heels can be comfortable and can also be uncomfortable. It all depends on the person wearing them. If you are used to wearing high heels, and if it is not tight on your feet, it will be comfortable for you. But if you are not used to wearing high heels, you may find it uncomfortable wearing high heels.

Many options can make high heels to be either comfortable or uncomfortable. All these factors will be discussed in this article, but before then, let’s take some men who wear heels as an example.

Do you think these men who wear high heels are not comfortable on them? Especially the feminine men and the drag queens? These are set of people that can wear the highest inches heels in the stores yet still feel comfortable on them. They are the ones that can comfortably run and dance on these massive high heels.

They wear these heels not only because they like wearing them, but because they feel comfortable wearing them. The same goes for women who wear high heel footwear.

A lady once said that she doesn’t like wearing flat shoes because they make her feel like a little furry animal but when she is on heels, she feels like a predator. That’s how good and comfortable heels are for her.

Moreover, it is important to note that the comfortability of high heels is not only about them being comfortable on your feet. It’s not only about them fitting you properly or walking majestically on them. The comfortability of high heels can come in different ways.

How about you that wear the shoe, you may feel ashamed, and less yourself anytime you wear heels than when you wear flat. Some may feel more of themself any time they wear heels. It all depends on you as a person.

I have a brother who doesn’t wear headwears because he doesn’t feel comfortable wearing them. It makes him shy and not fully himself. This brother of mine does not have a single cap. If you manage to see a cap on his head, it could be a program that mandates him to wear that and after the program, you won’t ever see such a cap on his head ever again.

This is also how some women who don’t wear heels feel. They don’t wear high heels not because they can’t walk freely on them but because it makes them feel little of themselves than when they are on flat shoes.

Which Types of Heels are Most Comfortable?

The most comfortable types of heals are block heels, kitten heels, and platform heels. They are the most comfortable high heels because they usually come with small inches and wider heels. A beginner and a pro can easily wear these high heels because of how comfortable they are.

Factors that Determines The Comfortability of High Heels

Your Body

Your body will tell you if you can wear high heels or not. I know this is very sensitive but forgive me for saying it. If you are too fat, you may not feel comfortable wearing high heels because of your body weight. If that is the case, you don’t need to worry, you can go for the more flatter shoes or thicker heels. If you have a body but are not too fat, you can go a little bit high. It all depends on your body.

Also, whether you’re fat or slim, you need to let your mindset and body adapt to wearing high heels. Remember what I told you about my brother who doesn’t like wearing caps; not because it makes him ugly; in fact, headwear such as durag make him look more handsome and manly but he doesn’t wear them because he’s shy in it. Until he let his body accept wearing a cap, he will continue to feel that way.

For your body to adapt to wearing heels, you need to also learn how to wear them. You can’t just wake up one day and feel comfortable wearing high heels like Beyonce and Drag Queens. You need to learn to walk majestically on it and until your body fully adapts to it, then it will be comfortable for you.

The Fit of the Heels

If the high heels don’t fit on your feet, you will never feel comfortable wearing them. The pain from the heels will make your pull them off. Therefore, you need to always ensure the heels you wish to wear fit your feet properly.

Many things can make high heels not fit your feet, they range from the heel centerline, the amount of padding in the insole, the stiffness of the sole, the thickness of the heels, and how secure is the heels.

How You Walk on High Heels

You need to know how to properly walk on high heels. Your high heels fitting your legs means they don’t slip up and down or left and right while you walk. If it’s doing so, it will make you look like a joker. People will laugh at you and that’s not comfortable at all. Ensure the shoes are not slipping and your legs are not dancing left and right as if you want to fall.

How To Make High Heels Comfortable

For you to feel comfortable wearing high heels, you need to love wearing them first. You don’t need to feel ashamed any time you wear them. Accepting it will help you wear them even though you may not know how to walk on them.

If you want your heels to be comfortable on you, then you need to learn how to walk freely with them. I have a friend who learned how to walk freely on high heels by wearing them at home. She wears them when doing house chores and when cooking.

Today, she can wear them anywhere and walks freely on them. Practice makes perfect. High heels will never be comfortable for you as a person and to your feet if you can’t walk freely on them.

When buying heels, buy the size the fits your leg. Do not buy high heels that are too tight for your leg. The reason is that you won’t feel comfortable wearing them. It is only a matter of time before you start feeling excruciating pain on your toes.

When buying high heels, don’t go crazy high. Ensure to buy the inches you can feel comfortable wearing. Because Beyonce can wear the highest of heels doesn’t mean you can buy them for yourself. You are not Beyonce. While she may feel comfortable wearing them, you may not. You may fall and break your leg.

The same goes for men who fantasize about wearing heels. Don’t follow Beyonce if you know you won’t feel comfortable wearing them. All the drag queens that wear heels wear them because they feel comfortable wearing them coupled with the fact that they can freely walk, dance, and run on them.

Don’t try to force yourself to wear them if it’s not working for you. Like I said earlier, you need to first learn how to walk on them. Even if you buy crazy high heels for a wedding or prom, learn how to walk comfortably on them by wearing them when doing chores at home and when climbing stairs. In no time, it will be comfortable on your legs.

Always carry a flat shoe or slippers with you anytime you are on heels. You never can tell. You can even wear the slippers from home and while getting to the location of your destination, you can pull it out and wear your heels. Many women do this especially when the shoe is paining you. It helps make the heels more comfortable.

If the sole of the heels is too stiff, or if it is made of rubber or leather, it will absorb the variations on the surface you are walking on than high heels with a sole made out of plastic or wood, etc.

Also, the centerline of the heels needs to line up with the center point of your feet. If you buy high heels the center line sits far back or forward, it will affect the stability of the shoe hence, makes it uncomfortable for you to wear.

You need to ensure the heels come with enough padding. However, even if the heels didn’t come with enough padding, you can easily add paddings to the shoe. This is because if the shoe does not have enough padding, it won’t be comfortable on your legs.

The thickness of the heels can help make the shoe comfortable to wear especially if you are still new to wearing high heels. For now, leave the tiny nail-type heels for the professional and continue with those that are a little bit thicker until you perfect them.

Why You Should Consider Wearing High Heels

  • To Make You Walk More Attractive Than Usual: Wearing high heels can make you walk more attractive than usual. It can complement your outfit and make you look gorgeous. It can also make you walk more majestically than you do. To walk like a boss lady you are.
  • To Make You Appear More Feminine: High heels can make you appear more feminine. That is why when men wear high heels, they look more feminine. High heels bring out the feminine character in you.
  • To Make you Feel Confident On Yourself: Some women feel ashamed and little when they are in flat shoes. But anytime they are on heels, it makes them feel like a predator. It boosts their morale. It boosts their confidence and makes them feel like the boss lady they are.
  • To Get More Male Attraction: As it is a ‘woman thing’ to wear heels, it naturally attracts men’s attention. The reason for this is because culturally, it has already been embedded in us that high heels are made for women, so it naturally attracts men’s attention.
  • Some Clothes Requires You Wear Heels: There are some clothes you may require you to wear heels. It will however become a problem when you wear those clothes and wear flat shoes. It will take away the beauty of the cloth. This is more reason why you should learn how to wear high heels even if it’s the block, kitten, or platform heels, learn how to comfortably wear and walk on them.

Final Thoughts

High heels are comfortable only when you can wear them comfortably. Therefore, buy heels that fit your legs, learn how to walk on them, with time, you will be like Beyonce and many others who can freely walk, dance, and run on high heels.

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