The benefits of wearing a Durag are making Durags popular these days. You’ll see people on the streets go about their daily activities with the Durags; except those that are going to the office.

The benefits of wearing a durag are to maintain and protect your 360 waves, to protect long wavy hair, to soften the hair, to prevent hair breakage, to reduce friction in the hair, to allow air penetration and moisture in the hair, for fashion, and for hair growth.

Durags are made from silk, satin, velvet, or polyester. It has magic it does to the hair. Durags are cheap and come in different colors and sizes. The velvet Durags are longer than the regular silky ones. You don’t just style in a particular way, you can tie it in different ways. You can even come up with your style.

The Durags weren’t used for fashion when it was invented. It was used by slaves while they were working on the farm. They wear it to keep their hair out of their faces while they work. This means that it was associated with slaves.

It was also a part of the racism issue. Black activists wore them so they become known to the blacks. In the late 1990s, they became popular with black hip-hop artists.

These artists were lovers of curls so they do everything to protect their curls. Celebrities like 50 cents, Eminem, Jay Z all wore the Durags.

Since then, it has become a trend. Many people now wear Durags irrespective of their skin color.

15 Benefits of Wearing a Durag

Here are the benefits of wearing a durag:

1. To Maintain Your 360 waves

Waves have been a trend that is popular with blacks for a very long time. The black celebrities pioneered it and it is now common among blacks – even teenagers.

The durag is the perfect headgear that will create that waves on your hair. The durag will compress the hair keeping it down for the number of minutes or hours you want. If you wear the durag often, your hair will not straighten out often again.

After applying your wavy cream, brush your hair very well. Then, tie the durag tightly but not too tight that you will have a headache. You just want to create the effect. Among the materials used for a durag, silk durags are better for this than any other material. It will give you that desired curls.

2. To Protect Your Waves

The durag doesn’t just give you the desired waves but it also protects them. The durag will protect the curls from dust that gets attached to the oil or cream in the hair. An oily surface attracts dust, so does your hair. Dust makes your hairstyle look older than when you made it. A durag will help to protect your waves from getting dusty on time.

3. To Protect Long Wavy Hair

This is one of the benefits of wearing a durag. A durag isn’t just for short curls, it’s also for long wavy hair. Your wavy hair will be intact when you wake. If you are a wild sleeper, your waves would have scattered by the time you wake. So, you need to wear a durag to avoid this. When you comb your wavy hair, you can decide to pull it together or just let it down. Then you will tie the durag tightly.

4. For Fashion

A durag is also good headgear for fashion. You can wear different outfits on it. You can even wear your durag on the red carpet. It gives you an Arabian look. You can decide to let the flap down or you tuck it in the strings. You can also decide to wear it under your cap or tie it into different styles.

5. Durag Softness the Hair

A durag helps your hair to be soft. The compression produces heat and the heat will cause the hair to be soft. Also, when you apply hair treatment to soften your thick hair, the oil will get to the scalp.

6. Durags Helps Hair Growth

Other benefits of wearing a durag are for hair growth. Trust me, wearing a durag aids hair growth. The durag protects it and makes the hair treatment you use work effectively. It will get to your hair follicles and it will hasten the growth.

7. Durags helps to Prevent Hair Breakage

You can experience hair breakage when you sleep. This is because you will be turning around on your bed. By turning, your hair can be trapped under you. This can pull the hair from the scalp or break it. Hair breakage will cause hair loss. To prevent hair loss, use a durag when you sleep.

8. To Keeps Your Style Intact

A durag can help keep your style intact while you sleep or do home chores. You won’t have to waste time at the hair salon or frequent there because you want to perm your hair. Your curls will be intact when you sleep or go about your daily activities.

9. To Keeps Your Hair in Place

Just like the benefits of shower caps, durag helps to keep your hair in place. When you are out on the street, the wind will always blow your hair around. It will also keep entering your eyes. To avoid this, a durag will help. You won’t have to keep pushing your hair behind your ears when you wear one.

10. To Have a Long-Lasting Hairstyle

Your hairstyle will last longer when you wear durags. Your hair will be shiny when you apply oil often and wear your durag. Wearing a durag on locks or braids will keep the hair from frizzing. Your curly hair won’t be tangled when you wear one.

11. To Reduces Friction

One of the major benefits of wearing a durag is to reduce friction in the hair. Friction can occur while you sleep or when your hair is tangled. Friction also causes hair breakage. A tangled hair will always break when it is combed. A durag won’t allow friction at all.

12. Durag Allows Air Penetration

A durag is better than other headcovers because air can penetrate it. The durag might look like it will cause excess heat but it doesn’t. Your scalp will be able to breathe even with the compression. This is one of the reasons it is preferable to other headwears. You won’t feel uncomfortable and your hair won’t be itchy due to heat

13. To Preserves Moisture

The moisture in your hair will be preserved when you wear a durag. Loss of hair moisture causes dryness. Dryness isn’t good for the hair. It affects hair growth and causes hair breakage. Your hair won’t look shiny because it has lost its moisture. So, when you condition your hair, wear a durag so that your hair can sap the nourishment.

14. For Comfortability

One of the benefits of wearing a durag is the comfortability attached to it. There’s nothing as comfortable as wearing a durag to bed. You will able to turn your head around except if you style it in a bun or a ski mask – these styles are for fashion. For a comfortable sleep, wear a durag. The durag will still do the magic on your hair.

15. For Substitute

A durag can stand as a substitute for the head covering used by certain religious bodies. Muslim females are meant to cover their heads but because of civilization, some of them don’t like to wear the long hijab. To avoid going against their doctrines, some females wear the durag.

It’s a form of head covering too but it does more. So they have benefited from both sides. Many of these women flaunt the durag and still go about their daily activities. These women are the fashionista among others.

Final Thoughts

A durag is a cheap headgear to get, so get one and you will enjoy the benefits of wearing a durag explained in this article. You will watch your hair grow and look shiny. You will also look fashionable while your hairstyle is being preserved.

The amazing thing about a durag is that you can wear it even when you are at home. It will help makes your stay at home a valid one especially when your wife or girlfriend is around, it completes your house and makes it a valid house. Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

With these benefits, you might think there are no disadvantages of wearing durag. There are but they can’t surpass the benefits of wearing one. And if you are a tough person, and you want to look serious, then you can wear a durag. It will give you the fierce look you desire – when you wear the right outfit.

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