What Color Cowboy Hat to Wear with Brown Boots?

Are you planning to wear your brown cowboy boots out and you are wondering what color cowboy hat to wear with brown boots? Wonder no more, in this article, I will list the colors of cowboy hats that can comfortably pair with your brown boots.

For your brown cowboy boots, you can wear a white cowboy hat, black cowboy hat, brown cowboy hat, or bone color cowboy hat to complement your brown boots. These colors will pair and complement each other.

There is this beautiful sight that comes from wearing matching colors. Colors are for beauty. When you combine the right colors, you will come out beautiful and people will comment on your outfit.

But if you clash the colors, it would be a sorry sight. And if you happen to walk past young people, be sure to expect chuckles as you walk past them.

Colors have a way of telling your mood. If you wear dull colors, it only shows you are not happy. If you wear bright colors, it shows that you are full of life.

There are colors that will compliment your skin tone. If you are dark, it’s advisable to wear bright colors and not dark colors because it might not bring out your beauty unless you wear accessories that will complement the outfit. Fair-skinned people look really cool in dark-colored outfits.

Relationship Between Cowboys and their Hats and Boots?

The hat is so valuable to a cowboy. Don’t joke with a cowboy’s hat else you will see his anger. The hat is also expensive so they take good care of it. Some even put their cowboy hats upside down for one reason to the other.

There are two kinds of cowboy hats that are worn in different seasons: the felt hat and the straw hat. The felt hat is made from leather, animal skin, or fur. It is dyed into different colors. This is mostly worn during winter because there would be cold in the woods. It is used to keep the head warm and to protect the eyes.

The straw cowboy hat is made from straw. It is usually worn during summer. Its function is to allow the cowboy’s head to be cool. If you are putting on a felt hat during summer, you will feel unnecessary heat on your head and you’ll be uncomfortable. If you will be visiting the cowboy states, take note of this so that you won’t look weird.

Part of the outfit of a cowboy is the boot. It is rare to see a cowboy wear his cowboy hats without his boots. The boot is also to protect the feet from harmful things on the ground like a tree stump, snakes, and so on. The boot is almost knee-length.

The woods have lots of dangerous things in them so the boots are needed. But the boots are worn for fashion too in this modern times. These boots can really compliment the outfit you are wearing. But, it is not all outfits that your boots will match.

Since a cowboy hat is now part of a fashion trend, anybody can wear it once they want to have that old look. Since you can wear a cowboy hat without having any knowledge about horses or bull then, the question here is, what color cowboy hat to wear with brown boots?

The brown color is called a composite color. It is a mixture of black and orange, red and black and sometimes blue – it depends on the shade you want to get. There are different shades of brown. There are beige, tan, dark brown, chocolate, khaki, beaver, and so on. Your boots too can come in different shades of brown. Knowing what color of the hat to match the boots with will make a difference in your cowboy outfit.

What Colour of Cowboy Hat Would Match Brown Boots?

White, black, brown, bone, grey color cowboy hat will match with your brown boots. All you have to do is to make sure that both the brown cowboy boots and hats complement the cloth you wear as wearing off-colored clothes might affect the whole look.

  • White

What Color Cowboy Hat to Wear with Brown Boots?

White is a bright color that goes well with many colors. It matches with black, blue, gray, yellow and so on. To dress fashionably and move from the norm, after putting on your brown boots, you can finish off the dressing with a white cowboy hat. It’s really a beautiful combination especially if you are on your jeans, shirt, and jacket. Also, traditional cowboys wear white cowboy hats during summer.

  • Black

What Color Cowboy Hat to Wear with Brown Boots?

Black is a beautiful color that goes with all colors. It’s common to see cowboys wear black hats on brown boots. It’s easier to find a black cowboy hat in those days. And again, you are working in the ranch, so all hands must be on deck.

Now, this black color has many shades. There is midnight blue. It’s the color of the night sky. This shade matches well with brown boots. There is the black cherry. It’s darker than midnight blue. You can combine it with brown boots. In short, every shade of black matches with brown boots.

  • Bone

Yes! There’s a color called bone. It’s gotten from the color of a bone. Well, practically anything can become a color these days. New colors are coming up almost every time. Bone is a shade of white but it’s darker than the common shades of white we see. A cowboy hat with the bone color matches well with that brown boots.

  • Brown

Brown boots match with brown cowboy hats. This is because a dark color matches another dark color but not all bright colors match each other. Brown comes in many shades. These shades match with brown boots. There is a shade called pecan. This is the color of the nut called pecan. It is one of the common shades of brown we see.

The Tuscan is a little darker than the pecan. There is a shade called chocolate. From the name, you’ll know which color this is. Chocolates are meant to be confectionery. But then, it’s now the name of a color. Chocolate color also has shades.

There is the dark one. It looks like the color of burnt cookies. Yeah! It’s still called chocolate color not black. There is a shade lighter than that and there is the shade that looks like a combination of white color and a lighter shade of chocolate.  A chocolate color cowboy hat matches with brown boots also.

Tan is another shade of brown and it’s a combination of yellow and brown. Tan also has different shades. Whatever shade of brown you wear, just know that you are still on track because every shade of brown matches with deep brown boots.

  • Grey

What Color Cowboy Hat to Wear with Brown Boots?

Grey color cowboy hat can match well with your brown boots but you must make sure that all colors conform with the cloth you wear.


Trying to match correct colors can be very tacky. You need to have an eye for colors. Not many cowboys have that. The cowgirls are still fashionable, especially in this century. If you just want to wear the cowboy hat for fashion, be careful not to blow it.

Your mirror is a good judge and if you are not still sure, you can ask that fashionista around you. You can also check for color combinations online. A cowboy hat and boots are just parts of the cowboy outfit. If you wear matching boots and a hat, your shirt, jeans, and belt must match also. You shouldn’t focus on one part and leave the other.

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