You should not wear socks with your Uggs boots because they are made to be worn without socks. UGGs are made of Sheepskins which are believed to breathe, so you don’t need to wear socks with your uggs boots else, the socks will absorb your feet sweat.

There is a saying that says ‘Your shoes also speak’. Your shoes are part of your outfit. If you wear a nice outfit with the wrong pair of shoes, you will look weird, no matter how fine the outfit is. The kind of shoes you wear matters.

You can’t wear the same pair of shoes for every outfit. Also, you can’t wear a particular pair of shoes on all occasions. There are different shoes for different occasions.

Uggs boots are shoes that were originally worn for warmth during winter. It is a shoe made from sheepskins. Its inside is made of fleece while it’s tanned on the outside. It also has a synthetic sole.

It originated in Australia but it has now become popular all around the world. The boot is now worn for fashion but you have to know the outfit to wear it with. It’s not only Uggs boots that have been manufactured, there are also the Uggs slides and Koolaburra uggs.

There are different ways to wear your Uggs boots depending on your choice. Some people wear it ordinarily while some wear it with socks. If it is a choice, the question is, should I wear socks with Uggs?

Uggs Boots

The first exact manufacturer of the Uggs boots style can’t be placed. So many shoe manufacturers have claimed to build the boots first.

Frank Mortel of Mortel Sheepskin Factory claimed that he manufactured the boot style in the 1950s. Shane Stedman who is a surfer from Australia has also claimed that he invented the boot style. The term Ugg itself doesn’t have a clear origin.

Uggs boots were invented in Australia to keep the feet warm during winter. It became popularized by surfers in the 1960s. The surfers would wear UGG boots after surfing.

Uggs boots were introduced to the surfing world in the United States and the UK in the 1970s. It has become popular in this century. Although it is still worn for warmth, it has now become a fashion trend. Men, women, and children now wear them.

The UGG brand was founded by Brian Smith who was also a surfer from Australia. With $500, he started a footwear business. The sheepskins footwear was exported to America. It became popular over time. After seventeen years, he sold the UGG business to Decker Outdoor Corporation.

There are still Uggs boots produced in Australia. Popular brands are UGG Since 1974, Ugg Australia, and so on. Uggs boots are not worn for fashion in Australia. They are worn for warmth.

Should I Wear Socks with Uggs Boots?

You should never wear uggs boots with socks because uggs boots are made of Sheepskins material that can breathe. It regulates body temperature and prevents muscle strain hence not good when paired with socks. Also, uggs boots are made with Sheepskins to keep the feet warm, wearing socks with your uggs might cause your feet to be extra warm.

However, wearing socks with Uggs boots is something of a choice. It’s just like wearing a cowboy hat without boots. You can decide to wear socks with Uggs boots or not. Wearing socks protects the feet from fungal infection. You might have sweaty feet which causes your feet to sweat a lot.

If you wear socks with your Uggs boots, the socks will absorb the sweat and it won’t make your feet and boot smell. If you will wear socks, wear cotton socks. It will prevent the sweat from soaking your boots.

If you are wearing an Australian-made Uggs boot, then it is advisable not to wear socks. The sheepskin used to make these boots are breathable. It regulates body temperature and prevents muscle strain. It depends on you and the type of Uggs you are wearing. Even if you sweat in your boots, you can still clean them.

Can You Wear Socks with Uggs Slides?

UGGs slides are new variations of the Uggs boots. It is an open toe and it has a slingback to hold the slides securely on the feet. It is generally worn indoors in your pajamas or just to feel cool. Women love this variation because it’s fluffy and warm.

The slides can also be worn outdoor because it has a rubber sole. It is even washable and it’s comfortable. You own your fashion sense. However, you can decide to wear socks with Uggs slides or not. When the weather is cold indoor, you can wear socks.

Are You Supposed to Wear Socks with Koolaburra Uggs?

Kookaburra footwear was founded in 1991. It was a competition with the UGGs brand at that time. Now part of Deckers, they are comfortable sheepskin boots that are cheaper than the original uggs. They are of low quality and also fashionable.

The boots targeted at the younger generation have appealed to females more. Its upper part is not fully sheepskin but the mixture of sheepskin, calf suede, and faux fur. It fits more than the original uggs.

If your Koolaburra boots are bigger, you can wear socks. But make sure that you don’t have sweaty feet. You are not meant to wear socks because the boots were made to be worn without socks. And for comfortability sake, just wear it without socks. But if you feel your shoes won’t smell, then you can wear socks. It’s your preference.

Reasons Not to Wear Socks with Uggs Boots

Foul smell

The Uggs boots were made for the feet to be warm during winter. But over time, it is now worn during summer. In summer, you tend to sweat a lot. So, wearing socks with Uggs boots will make your feet sweat.

There are more than 3000 sweat glands in each foot. When you wear socks, you are causing the glands to secret more sweat. And if you keep the socks on for a long time, your feet will start to smell. If you don’t stop wearing socks, you will have smelly feet. And that’s awful.


When you wear socks in a shoe, the shoe becomes fitted especially if it’s oversized. Uggs boots are finer when they are your size but most times you might not get your exact size. Those that wear size 7 1/2 have to wear size 8. Wearing socks in the Uggs boots will cause extra tightness. And you won’t be comfortable in it.

Extra Warmth

Your Uggs boots are warm already, why do you have to wear socks again? Unless you are used to wearing socks in all shoes. The socks will cause irregularities in body temperature and it will cause you to sweat a lot. Although your socks will absorb the sweat, you will lose the feel of the coolness of the boots.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain can be caused by tightness. When your ugg boots become too tight, your toes wouldn’t be able to move freely in the boots. This can cause muscle strain as blood won’t be able to flow well in your feet.

Final Thoughts

Your Uggs boots belong to you. You can decide to wear socks or not. If you are used to wearing socks in all your shoes, then it might feel weird if you don’t wear socks in your Uggs boots. But you can try it anyways.

Manufacturers of the boots advised that you shouldn’t wear socks in Uggs boots because you are ruining the benefits you can get from it. When you want to wear your Uggs boots or slides the next time, discard your socks and go without socks.

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