Why Do You Put a Cowboy Hat Upside Down?

The first thing to know anytime you hear about cowboys is that they are people that rear cattle on horsebacks. They do tedious works from caring for the herd to caring for their horses. Cowboys have a stressful workday as they wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night. They must return their horses to the stalls before going to bed. However, the question is, why do you put a cowboy hat upside down?

The reason why people put their cowboy hats upside down is to prevent the brim of the cowboy hat from flattening to hold its original shape. It is also because of the believe that when you put a cowboy hat upside down, all the good luck will not run out of the hat.

A proper outfit of a cowboy is the shirt and jeans trousers, boots, hat, and a bolo tie. Traditional cowboys wear this outfit to protect themselves from the elements in the woods. But today, all we have is people wearing cowboy hats and boots for fashion.

Some even prefer to wear a cowboy hat with shorts, while some wear it without boots. Tom Mix, Clint Eastwood all made the cowboy hat more fashionable. There’s the western look you get when you wear a cowboy hat and boots.

Traditional cowboys have their culture and way of life. They also have their superstitions and mostly known as a community of people. Their business is cattle rearing and they participate in rodeo competitions.

Although the Western American is believed to be the pioneers of this business, cowboy actually originated from Spain. It spread to Mexico and then to North America, Canada, and other countries like Australia. These people have their beliefs.

A cowboy cherishes his hat because it is valuable. You can get into a fight with a cowboy because you disrespected his hat. They care for it because it has its function and because it’s expensive.

There are different styles of hats depending on where you are from. They have different beliefs surrounding their hats. You are not meant to throw your hat across the room on the bed. It is believed that you will have an injury that will make you lie on that bed.

The popular one is that you don’t put your hat on the bed. If you will do so, the hat must be placed upside down. Weird, right? An indigenous cowboy knows this. People in these modern times don’t count this, they set their hats on the bed or table. Some don’t have hat racks.

Do Cowboys Put Their Hat Upside Down?

Yes, traditional cowboys put their hats upside down. It’s their superstition. They believe that if you don’t put your hat upside down, you will have bad luck. Putting the hat upside down is like saving the good luck from pouring out.

Why Do Cowboys Put a Cowboy Hats Upside Down?

Although it’s the belief of cowboys to put their hat upside down, it’s actually connected to something else. When you put the hat upside down, you are letting out the air in the hat. Fresh air can enter into it. The smell from sweat will be blown away when you put the hat upside down. Your hat won’t have a foul smell when you do this often. Also, you won’t damage the brim of the hat if you put it upside down. If you don’t, the brim will lose its shape.

Correct Ways to Wear a Cowboy Hat

Knowing the correct way to wear a cowboy hat is never a problem for traditional cowboys because they are used to it, but it might be an issue for those that just wear a cowboy hat for fashion. You don’t just wear your cowboy hat the normal way you wear your baseball cap or beanie by pulling on the brim. You can’t pull the brim of your cowboy hat, you’ll damage the hat.

The cowboy hat expands with time so you have to know how to wear it or else you’ll keep buying new hats every time. One of the things you need to know is the kind of hat to wear during different seasons. The straw cowboy hat is worn during summer to cool the head. The felt hat is worn during winter to warm the head.

Moreover, the felt hat won’t be comfortable during summer because it is made from rabbit or beaver fur, sometimes leather. You will be easily identified as a tourist when you do this. So how do you wear your hat properly?

1. Know Your Size

The first thing to do when you want to get a cowboy hat is to know your size. You wouldn’t want to wear an oversized hat. It would drop down to cover your face. It will come off easily when you are on the horseback or when the wind blows. It will be embarrassing to pick up your hats every time it falls. When you get to the store, try the hat to get your correct size. The hat should be a little above your eyebrows and ears. That means it fits perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight.

2. Resize Loose Hats

If the cowboy hat is too loose, you can resize it. If you are gifted a hat and it’s not your size, that is, it’s bigger, you can resize it yourself. You can follow one of the best ways to shrink a hat to do so or use a foam strip. Put it under the sweatband, the exact place that’s loosely fitted. If the hat is too small, you can go to stores that resize cowboy hats to do the resizing for you.

3. Get the Hat That Fits Your Face

Do you know you just can’t wear any style of a cowboy hat? There are some styles that don’t fit your face. Try the hats at the stores and you will see the one that fits your face. You can check out how to get a cowboy hat that fits your face.

4. Work on Your Hair

When you want to wear a cowboy hat, adjust your hair. A ponytail that hangs down is better. The hat will sit well on your head. If you want to leave your curls, let it not interfere with the hat, or else the beauty of the hat won’t be seen

5. Wear the Hat the Correct Way

The narrower side should face the front. There are some hats that have bows on the headband inside the crown. The bow should be at the back of the head

6. Remove the Hat with the Pinch

Don’t pull the brim of your hat when you want to remove the hat. Remove the hat with the pinch. They are of different shapes based on the design of the hat.

7. Use a Neck String when Needed

If you will be working on horseback and it’s windy, you are free to wear a neck string so you won’t lose your hat. Neck string won’t make you look unfashionable if you are working. But if it’s for fashion, then you can remove it.

8. Tilt the Hat to a Side for a Bolder Look

You can tilt the hat to the right or left side for that bold look. It’s your choice.

9. Wear Matching Boots and a Belt

Your cowboy hat is no longer a beauty when it’s not matching with your boots and belt. Obviously, it doesn’t mean you should wear the same color as the hat, belt, and boots. So, if you are wearing a white hat, it’s not a must you wear a white belt and white boots. You can wear a white straw cowboy hat with brown boots and a brown belt.

10. Wear the Right Outfit

Your cowboy hat is not just the only thing that will be noticed. Your shirt and trouser or dress should match with the hat. Wear a plain or flannel shirt with jeans. Just plain jeans with no design. As a cowgirl, wear dresses that would complement the hat and boots. It can be a knee-length dress with or without a jacket.


Many people have taken to having that western look with their cowboy hats. This hat gives you a bold look. Understanding the rules guiding the use of this hat will make yours last longer. And again, no one will be able to tell if you are a traditional cowboy unless you’re asked to show the skills of a cowboy.