The question is all about cowboy hat on bed, and why don’t cowboy put their hats on the bed?

You cannot wear a cowboy hat on bed while sleeping to avoid damaging the hat while you sleep or being uncomfortable and waking up with neck pains. If the cowboy hat is dirty, it can dirty your bedsheets and cause a foul smell that may lead to disease.

The cowboy hat is a headgear that has moved from being worn only by cowboys to being worn for fashion. These hats were used for protection from sun rays, and also to prevent dust from accumulating in the hair since the roads were dusty then.

These hats were made from felt or leather. They are expensive and precious to the cowboys. A cowboy feels incomplete without his hat. These hats have different shapes and styles depending on your state or occupation.

Cowboys have their way of life and their superstitions. They have the way they keep their cowboy hat. Since many people now wear cowboy hats for fashion, many of the cowboy’s superstitions have long been forgotten.

Only those that were from the lineage of cowboys and those that still live on ranches hold those superstitions to heart.

One of the superstitions is that you don’t put your hat on the bed. If you do, all your good luck will fall out. So, if you will drop your hat anyway, you have to keep it with the inside facing up.

Although there are many hygienic reasons why a cowboy hat should not be on the bed, many people still think it’s superstitious.

Can You Wear a Cowboy Hat on Bed?

No matter how you love your cowboy hat, you can’t wear it to bed. Unless you feel your hat is not safe and can be stolen, then you can wear it to bed. But then, you won’t be able to keep it on while you sleep. This is because you will be uncomfortable and you might wake up with neck pains.

It’s not advisable to wear your cowboy hat to bed. But then, it’s your hat, you can decide to do whatever you want. Also, you might come back from a function so stressed out that you will just fall on the bed and sleep.

Reasons Why You Should not Wear Cowboy Hat on Bed

Here are reasons why you should not wear a cowboy hat on bed:

1. To Avoid Damaging the Hat

A cowboy hat is expensive so you have to take care of the ones you have. When you sleep with your cowboy hat on, you will damage the hat. The shape of the hat would be deformed in some places due to the way you turn around while sleeping – that is even if the hat isn’t found in another position when you wake up.

2. You’ll Be Uncomfortable

You will not be comfortable wearing your cowboy hat on bed except you are sitting on the bed. You won’t be able to rest your head well at all not to talk of turning your head. No position would be comfortable until you remove that hat. You will wake up with neck pains.

3. To Avoid Dirtying Your Sheets

The cowboy hats are worn to work on those dusty roads. Dirt particles and dust would be caught on the hat while you go about your daily activities. When you wear the cowboy hats to bed, your sheets would be dirty. The dirt will cause stains on the sheets. You will have to keep washing the sheets every day to keep them clean.

4. To Prevent a Foul Smell

There should be a time you will remove your cowboy hat. If not, your scalp won’t be able to breathe. The heat from the cap will cause your scalp to sweat and the sweat will make your hair smell; even your cap will smell the day you try to remove it. The time you go to bed should be the time you will allow air in your hair and your hat. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear cowboy hat on bed at that time.

5. To Prevent Infection or Disease

When the dust on the hat gets stuck on your sheet, you might unintentionally inhale it while sleeping. This will cause infections like a sinus infection. This is the inflammation of tissues in the nasal passages. This in turn will cause mucus to accumulate in those passages. Consistent inhaling of dust can cause a lung disease called hypersensitivity pneumonitis. To avoid falling sick, don’t wear your cowboy hat to bed.

Why Don’t Cowboy Put their Hats on the Bed?

Cowboys don’t put their hats on the bed because of the superstition that says that if a cowboy puts his cowboy hat on bed, all the good luck will fall from it. Therefore, to avoid good luck from falling off, cowboys don’t put their hats on the bed.

Although they appear dusty, cowboys know that it’s wrong to put a cowboy hat on the bed. It’s even part of their superstition. Cowboys don’t keep their hats on the bed for different reasons.

Bad luck

Cowboys believe that when you put your hat on the bed face down, you will experience bad luck. Bad luck can be in different forms, like injury or loss at the games, death, or a strong argument that might lead to a fight. So, even if they will put the hat on the bed, the hat doesn’t face down.


Dirtiness breeds germs and this will cause sicknesses. Putting a cowboy hat on the bed will make dirt accumulate on the sheets. This dirt will breed germs and they will be inhaled when they sleep. The germs will go through their nostrils and can cause nasal infections. Also, germs can cause skin irritation.

The Shape May Damage

Cowboys don’t keep their hats on the bed because it may damage the shape of the hat. Cowboys don’t keep the hat face down so that the crease won’t lose its style. It’s always better to have a hat rack to keep it in thank keeping the cowboy hat on bed. Remember, if the shape damages, the cowboy hat may not fit your face again.

It Breeds Lice

Because of the dirt and dust that accumulates on their cowboy hat, cowboys don’t put the hat on the bed. The lice will breed on the sheets – it’s never a nice experience.

Is it Bad Luck to Put a Cowboy Hat on the Bed?

Yes, it is bad luck to put a cowboy hat on bed especially when the cowboy hat is placed face down on the bed. It will bring bad luck that may come in form of the death of a loved one, a serious injury, or loss at the games.

Cowboys have lots of superstitions that guide the way they live. One of them is the way they handle the cowboy hats. They have lots of beliefs surrounding how to take care of the hat.

As a cowboy, you can’t put your hat on the bed face down. It will bring bad luck to you. Bad luck can be the death of a loved one, a serious injury, or loss at the games.

If you believe in superstitions, you can follow them but if not, you can wave them aside. You can put the cap on your bed if you choose to, but the inside of the crown must face up. So you can put your hat on the bed but you must be careful how you place it.

However, fashionistas don’t care about that. They can throw their hats across the room or just drop them on the bed because of how stressed they are. Some even slumped on the bed and sleep with the hat on.

Final Thoughts

You might not be a cowboy genetically but you can be accustomed to their way of life and their beliefs. When you visit ranches as a tourist, you must accept their superstitions so you can be on good terms.

Even if you wear the cowboy hat for fashion and you don’t believe in superstitions, you should still take care of your cowboy hat well, or else, it will lose its shape.

You don’t want to go through the stress of reshaping the hat often which will, in turn, affect the material used to make the hat. So, clean your hat regularly, and don’t wear your cowboy hat on bed so that you won’t be put off by the smell from it. While you cannot wear a cowboy hat to bed, you can wear such a cowboy hat with shorts.

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