Are Bucket Hats Good for Sun Protection

Are bucket hats good for sun protection? Is it the best hat to wear to prevent the scorching sun from affecting the head, eyes, and some areas of the face? Well, the answer is:

Bucket hats are good for sun protection. The downward sloppy wide brim of the bucket hat will cover your head and eyes and prevent sun rays from entering your eyes. Unlike a baseball cap, a bucket Hat will protect your head, eyes, nose, and your face from sunburn.

Bucket hats are types of hat that are long and has a downward sloppy wide brim. Since the brim slopes downward, it covers the eyes well. It is worn for protection against sun rays and dust. It is worn for fashion these days. You’ll see people wear the hat on the beach or just to look cool. These hats that originated from Ireland in the 1900s have come to stay.

The bucket hat was worn by farmers and fishermen to protect the face from rain and sun rays in the 1900s. The hat is waterproof because it was made from raw wool.

Over time it was popularized by fashionable women in England and America. This time, the hat was not made from wool. The hat was even accepted as part of the costume of the US Navy during the Vietnam war. The popularity reduced until it came back to the hip-hop industry.

In the 1980s, it was worn by rappers and artists. Since then, it has become popular. Even actors wore them and models on runways also did. Many celebrities now wear this hat including Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez.

Different styles and materials for the bucket hat have evolved. Bucket hats can be made from wool, polyester, denim, or cotton. And it’s easy to make that you can even make one yourself.
If bucket hats were created for protection, the question is, are bucket hats good for sun protection?

Walking under a scorching sun can be very uncomfortable when you are trying to block the rays with your arms. You won’t be able to concentrate on what you are doing because you will be using one arm as a covering. But when you wear a hat, you’ll free to work or even sit under the sun.

Do Bucket Hats Block Sun?

Yes, bucket hats block the sun. Sun rays have bad effects on the eyes so provision has been made by people in history to protect their eyes. Hats were useful because of their brims. And so also is the bucket hats.

The brim of a bucket hat isn’t just straight, it is sloppy. So it covers your eyes. It blocks the sun that is why it will always cast a shadow on your face. The hat helps you to do your outdoor activities without any distraction from the scorching sun.

Are Bucket Hats Good for Sun Protection?

Bucket hats are good for sun protection. However, bucket hats are not the only hats used for sun protection. Almost all hats with brims are used for sun protection especially when they have brims.

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that should be protected from the sun. Your neck, arms, and body should be protected also. If not, you will have sunburn. You can also have a fever if you stay too long under the sun.

Wearing a bucket hat would only cover your hair and eyes but not your neck. So, it’s advisable to use a scarf or neckerchief under a scorching sun and don’t rely on your bucket hat alone.

A bucket hat is also best for sun protection because it makes your head cool. A bucket hat is not right fitted so your scalp will be able to breathe. If a cap is too tight fitted, the scalp will become sweaty and this will make you uncomfortable. But a bucket hat is loose so you can enjoy air even under the sun.

Are Bucket Hats for Summer or Winter?

In history, bucket hats were used by farmers and fishermen during summer and spring. It wasn’t recorded that it was used during winter. In the winter, all that is needed is a head warmer and thick clothes.

Although a bucket hat was thick then, it doesn’t keep the head warm like a beanie or hoodie. But due to different styles that have evolved, bucket hats can be worn during winter. It will keep your head warm.

These hats can be made from wool or fleece; any material that will make the head warm. The bucket hat is actually good for all seasons. You don’t have to worry about the hot or cold weather, the bucket hat can be worn anytime.

Advantages of Wearing Bucket Hats Under the Sun

Sun Protection

The scorching sun does not have good effects on the body especially the eyes. It can damage the retina. And the worse thing about this is that it doesn’t come without pain. The damage accumulates over time. The rays can cause blurry vision, blind spots, blindness.

To avoid these eyes problems, always wear a bucket hat. Your eyes are protected from the sun while wearing bucket hats. Don’t wait till you begin to see signs before you start to wear one.

At this age, when you go out to catch fun by fishing or you go to the beach too, the hats would protect your eyes from sun and dust particles. These particles are associated with the dry season.

Good for Fashion

Bucket hats came back to style in the 1980s and their material changed. They are not too thick as before, so you can wear them in summer and still feel cool. They became popular with female celebrities like Audrey Hepburn. They wear it for fashion.

Nonetheless, bucket hats are now in vogue. Different styles and materials have evolved and people wear them to complement their casual wear or beach outfits. You can try one today and you will be surprised at the compliments you will get.

To get the most out of your bucket hat, wear it with a matching cardigan and slacks. Or you can wear a t-shirt and your denim skirt or shorts. Just try to be creative with it.

It Allows You to Focus

When you wear a bucket hat, you won’t be bothered if the sun is scorching because you would go about your daily activities as if the sun isn’t up there. It is distracting when you are trying to block sun rays with your arms at the same time working.

Also, you would enjoy your hobby when you wear a bucket hat. Imagine you sitting by the pool fishing with your bucket hat, you will be able to concentrate because you won’t be disturbed by the sun.

It Keeps Your Hair in Place

This hat keeps your hair together. Even in the wind, you wouldn’t be struggling to keep your hair in a place, the hat will be doing a very good job with that. You can pull your hair into a ponytail or you can even let it down, it won’t disturb you.

Preserves Moisture

When you work under the scorching sun, the heat from the sun will cause your hair to be dry. It will dry the moisture in your hair giving it a bad texture. A bucket hat will preserve the moisture in your hair. So you can spend time under the sun because you know your hair is being protected.

Final Thoughts

Bucket hats aren’t for outside work alone but fashion. If you know the right outfit to wear on your bucket hat, you would get compliments. Also, you will be free to go about your activities without being disturbed by the sun or even the heat from it. When wearing your bucket hat, you will be fashionable and at the same time be protected.

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