What does your cowboy hat say about you? The truth is, the way you are dressed determines how you will be addressed. If you are dressed shabbily, you will be taken for someone struggling with poverty. But if you are well dressed, you will be appreciated and even if you have nothing to offer, people won’t notice easily.

Sometimes if you are not well dressed, you would be ashamed of yourself, you won’t be free to act wherever you find yourself. To save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment and sadness, you have to pay attention to your outfit.

Don’t just wear anything and leave your room. You must be conscious of what you are wearing. Don’t wear colors that are clashing, you will look like a clown; you will look weird. People have a way of mocking and giving people funny names based on the way they dress.

Also, colors have a way of revealing your mood. If you wear dull colors, it only shows you are not happy. But if you wear bright colors, then you are lively and up to do.

There are colors that will compliment your skin tone. Dark-skinned people rarely wear dark colors because their beauty won’t be visible. They should wear bright and sharp colors while fair-skinned people look cool in dark color outfits.

What Does Your Cowboy Hat Say About You?

By wearing a cowboy hat, it will tell where you are from, your profession, and your likes. For example, by wearing a buckaroo or flat cowboy hat, people will know that you are from Montana, by wearing a cowboy hat with a pointed crown and a very wide brim, people will know you’re from Mexico, and wearing a cowboy hat with a shape of a taco shell will reveal that you are from Texas and you’re a cowboy or a musician.

By mere looking at the type and style of cowboy hats you wear, it will reveal your profession to them, your likes as well as where you are from.


Montana is a state in the United States. Cowboys also live there and they have their own hat styles. Their hat is also called Bukaroo or flat hatter and this is because it has a low crown with a wide brim. This style does not originate from Montana actually but it has come to stay there. When you get to Montana, you will see this stetson hat. If you are wearing this, don’t be surprised if someone asks you, hey, you’re from Montana?


Southern Mexico is filled with cowboys. And they have their own cowboy hat. It was from Mexico that the profession of cattle rearing spread to Northern America. The Mexican cowboy hat has a pointed crown and a very wide brim. Therefore, by wearing a cowboy hat with a pointed crown and a wide brim, people will know that you are from Southern Mexico and you are likely to be a cowboy.


Texas is popularly believed to be the place where cowboys base. With many ranches, you are sure to see lots of cowboys there. The shape of a Texan hat is the shape of a taco shell. A taco shell is a snack. The crown is like the taco shell and it has a wide brim.

For the profession, the performers at the rodeo circuit in North America wear the same hat as the cowboys in Montana. A very low crown and a wide brim. The crown has a flat top with a crease at the center.

Music performers also wear cowboy hats especially if they sing country music. It’s part of their attire and it gives them that confident look of a star. This means that there is a way you will wear a cowboy hat. people will just look at you and know that you are a musician without being told.

For example, take a look at Justin Bieber’s picture above where he is wearing a cowboy hat. From the picture alone, you need no prophet or a magician to tell you that the young man is not from Texas or Mexico, but a musician.

Things You Should Know About Cowboy and Their Hats

Hats are integral parts of a cowboy’s outfit. You can’t see them without it. They wear hats to protect their face from sun rays because they rear animals on horseback. Although it was for protection, it has now become an important part of their outfit. When you see anyone wearing a cowboy’s hat, the first thought that would cross your mind is, ‘ this person would be a cowboy‘.

Stetson hat has a lot to say about the person wearing it. You can say something about a cowboy from the kind of hat he wears. If you can speak about a cowboy based on his hat, the question is, what your cowboy hat says about you? You need to know this fact if you are someone that wears anything for fashion; even a Stetson hat.

Those that are indigenous cowboys can tell where you are from with your cowboy hat. Every cowboy state has its style of a cowboy. The profession itself originated from Spain and spread to Mexico. Then it moved to Western America, Canada.

There are also cowboys in Australia and Hawaii. The style of their cowboy hat is different from each other. The Mexican cowboy hat has a very wide brim and pointed crown. That is maximum protection against sun rays, lol. To better understand how indigenous cowboys know where you are from with your hat, you need to know the parts of a cowboy hat.

The Crown

This is the top of the hat where the wearer’s head enters. It has the shape of a dome and it’s the part that sits on the head. Many cowboy states and countries have the style of the crowns of their cowboy hats. Some crowns are pointed while others are flat.

The Brim

This is the protruding part of the hat. It is horizontal. The brim of a hat can be flat, curved, or extremely curved base on the style and state of the wearer.

Can I Wear a Cowboy Hat if I’m not a Cowboy?

Yes, you can wear a cowboy hat if you are not a cowboy. Cowboy hats have now been worn for fashion. If you want to have that western look, you can wear a cowboy hat with your outfit – as long as it complements it. There is no law prohibiting the wearing of a cowboy hat when not a cowboy.

In history, not only do cowboys wear cowboy hats. Outlaws also wore cowboy hats. Outlaws are mainly lawbreakers that are always wanted by the police. They wear cowboy hats to have that fierce look.

Also in the times when horses were used as the main means of transportation, sheriffs wear cowboy hats; most of them wear cowboy hats without boots. To the sheriffs, it’s a means of identification.

Actors like Tom Mix and Clint Eastwood also made cowboy hats popular. The style of hat Tom Mix wore was named after him. So it’s not a crime when you want to look fashionable with your cowboy hat. You don’t have to know anything about horses or cattle-rearing before you can wear a cowboy hat.

Final Thoughts

What your cowboy hat says about you is differ from what it says about another person. As fashionable as the hat is, it can tell who you are and where you are from. A professional cowboy hat maker can easily tell where you are from. Also, you would be recognized as a fashionista and not a traditional cowboy when you wear cowboy hats during summer, lol. When you wear your cowboy hat, be confident in your cowboy hat whether you are a cowboy or not.

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