White graduation Cord Meaning

White graduation cord meaning is amazing. Meanwhile, your graduation day is a day of joy. Spending years in the university is not easy at all. Since knowledge is power, you will have to read to gain knowledge in your field of study.

White graduation cord means perfection, simplicity, and purity. It also depicts a new beginning. Wearing a white graduation cord means you are starting a new journey in your field of study, that you’re now ready to navigate life yourself with the knowledge you have acquired from your studies.

Many graduands spend so much money in preparation for their commencement ceremony. They shop for new outfits and pay for their graduation gowns and caps. They also pay for stoles and cords if they graduate with honors; or part of any fraternity, club, or honor society.

Different fields of study and clubs in various institutions have the color attributed to them. Every graduand must wear the graduation cords of that particular color if they will be wearing one.

Cords and stoles represent the academic achievement of the graduands. Those that were part of the military service also wear cords.

Cords can be single or double (two cords would be tied together) or triple (they will be tied together). The double and triple cords are only applicable to students that are graduating from Magma Laude or Summa Laude. You can also decide to wear all the cords around your neck without tying them together.

White Graduation Cord Meaning?

Wearing a white graduation cord on your graduation day has its meaning. The white color itself signifies perfection, simplicity, and purity. It also depicts a new beginning.

Wearing a white graduation cord for your commencement ceremony means you are starting a new journey in your field of study. It shows you are now ready to navigate through life yourself with the knowledge you have acquired from your college.

White cords also depict calmness and ease. You are wishing yourself ease in the journey of life after graduation.

Cords are also worn by members of honors society. The white cord is worn by members of the Alpha Nu Sigma during graduation. This is the American nuclear engineering honor society.

Graduands that have excelled in the nuclear engineering field and are members of this honor society will wear a white cord during their commencement ceremony to show their affiliation.

Are White Graduation Cords Important?

Yes, white cords are important because it is a form of recognition to the wearer. Cords aren’t just for fashion, they represent something. The color of the cords shows the attribute of the club or society, the academic excellence of the wearer, or the honor society they belong to.

It is also a form of respect to the wearer. White graduation cords are important to the club or honor society that has taken it as their color.

White graduation cords also show unity among members of the club or society. All the members will wear the cord. This means they value togetherness and they are proud to be affiliated with the society.

Can Anyone Wear a White Graduation Cord?

Anyone cannot just wear a white graduation cord except your institution guidelines permits so or you are a member of the Alpha Nu Sigma. Every member of the Alpha Nu Sigma will have to wear a white graduation cord to show his affiliation with the honor society.

You can buy your graduation cord outside the institution if it’s allowed. But you just have to buy the color known to your field of study or honor society.

The white graduation cord can be braided with other colors but still as a single cord. The white cord goes with various colors and it gives you an elegant look with your graduation gown.

Anyone can wear a white graduation cord as long as you are mixing it with other colors.

As a graduate with Magma Cum Laude, you can wear a plain white cord with another color (this depends on your institution’s graduation guidelines).

As a graduate with a Summa cum laude, you can wear the white graduation cord with the two other colors as a triple color cord. The cords would be tied together.

You can create your own look with the white cord. Just put the color of your graduation gown into consideration to know how you will mix the color of the cords.

Importance of Wearing Graduation Cords

1. Awards for Academic Excellence

Graduation cords are awarded to students that have excelled in their academics or are members of the honors society. Graduates with various Latin honors are also awarded the cords.

Various colleges have their graduation cords guidelines. In some, graduates with cum laude are allowed to wear a single graduation cord. Graduates with Magma cum laude are allowed to wear two graduation cords tied together. Graduates with Summa cum laude wear three cords tied together.

This way people can recognize the graduates that have academic honors. Graduates that are qualified to wear these cords are those that are graduating with a GPA of 3.5 and above.

2. Affiliation with Sorority

The sorority or fraternity you belonged to in college will have the color of their cords. Every member of society is meant to wear the exact color. It’s a sign of oneness among members. Graduates that are members of the military service also wear cords. Different fields of study also award cords to their outstanding students.

3. Achievement in Different Disciplines

Leaders of clubs also wear cords to appreciate their leadership roles during college. Those that excelled in interdisciplinary studies also wear graduation cords during the commencement ceremony.

Outstanding students in various fields of study also wear graduation cords. And they have their different colors. Black is awarded to students in business administration, accounting, and economics. Pink is awarded to outstanding students in music.

Various forms of achievement deserve graduation cords. Working on a project that is presented before the educational board of your school can qualify you to wear a graduation cord.

4. Honors Society

Various honor societies award excellent members of the society. These societies contact students in that particular field that have good grades to be members of society. The students have to attend their meetings and work together with their peers.

During the commencement ceremony of the members, the society will award them cords to be worn on their graduation gowns. Every society has the color of the cords they wear. White is worn by members of the Alpha Nu Sigma.


Depending on your college’s graduation guidelines, you can get your graduation cord outside or in the graduation shops in the college (your GPA would be verified before you are given).

Different companies sell graduation attires, from the gown to the cap. Stoles and cords are also included. You can also buy the cords online or from the retail store on your own. To have a great look on your graduation day, you can decide to wear the white graduation cords alone or wear them with other colors.

It could be braided with other colors to still be a single cord. And it can be a separate cord that is tied to another color of the cord. For instance, gold and white graduation cords give you an elegant look.
You can also pick teal green and white.

If you are not sure of the color combination, you can go online to check. You’ll see different colors to wear with the white graduation cord. There are different options to pick from. It’s your day so you have to look good.

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