Can You Wear a Cowboy Hat With Shorts

You can wear a cowboy hat with shorts because cowboy hats are a great part of an outfit and can be worn with any cloth as long as they complement and conform with each other. To wear a cowboy hat with shorts, you must ensure both the hat and the shorts complements each other to avoid looking weird.

Do you plan to go to the beach and are asking “can you wear a cowboy hat with shorts?” Well, this article is for you. Everything you need to know about wearing cowboy hats with shorts is explained in this article.

However, shorts are a piece of clothing worn around the waist and encircling it, splitting to the knee area and sometimes below it but never covering the entire leg. They are a shortened version of trousers which cover the length of the leg except for the feet, hence the name “shorts”.

They are best suited for use in warm weather as they minimize the possibility of one getting flustered by the heat. They are easy to wear and provide optimum comfort for the wearer especially in places where the free flow of air is essential. However, the question is, can you wear a cowboy hat with shorts?

Cowboy Hats With Shorts

Before delving deep, it is important for one to have a basic idea of the important keywords.

Firstly, what are shorts? Shorts are a fashion piece worn on the waist just like trousers. They are always shorter than trousers and are very comfortable to wear and remove. They come in a wide range of colors and can be made from any piece of fabric available. Shorts are a good way to show off one’s individual sense of style as they can be worn in a number of unique ways. For people who might be considered vain, wearing shorts provides the perfect opportunity to show off their toned or tanned legs

In the past, shorts used to be worn by young males until they gained maturity or reach a particular age and height. On reaching puberty, they would receive their first pair of trousers. The result of this is that shorts came to be identified with children and teenagers. Even if they wanted to, men would not wear shorts in public back then because they would look immature. Shorts are worn by everyone including cowboys.

A cowboy is a herder of animals whose primary responsibility is the protection of cattle under his care. His secondary job roles include repairing the roof, cleaning the animals, and undertaking other tasks that need attending to. They also conduct cattle drives, facilitates the sale of cows, and participate in rodeos. The cowboy hat was originated for them to serve as covering while they were in the field.

Hats are head coverings worn both for fashion and for practical purposes. They give the wearer protection from the elements of the weather whilst making he/her look good. Hats are for men, women, and children and have a vast number of designs, sizes, shapes, and colors.

The most common type of hats for women are the pillbox, derby, and fascinator. Men wear a bowler hat, baseball cap, top hat, flat cap, and bucket hat. Some hats are worn by men and women, these are known as unisex hats and include the beanie, hard hat, and baseball cap.

Hats can be worn on different occasions like a wedding, funeral, conference, or party. There are rules guiding the wearing of a hat. These are called hat etiquette and must be strictly followed so as to avoid gaining a reputation as an uncouth urchin.

Some of these rules include not wearing a hat indoors or at the table, hats should not be worn while greeting or addressing a lady, tipping the hat when greeting or walking past an acquaintance, etc. Cowboys have their own special brand of hats called the cowboy hat which they always wear with their boots.

Cowboy outfits have experienced a lot of evolution from the year of the first manufacture through the years to the present date and are part and parcel of the trends of today. The standard cowboy outfit is a shirt, denim pants, boots, and a cowboy hat in particular. Anyone dressed in these items will be assumed to be a cowboy.

The cowboy hat is the most prominent feature of the American cowboy. The first modern cowboy hat was made by J. B. Stetson before he went on to found the John B. Stetson company. “Stetson” went on to become synonymous with cowboy hats. Cowboy hats are now generally known as Stetsons and they were known to be tough, durable, and waterproof.

The hats come in various shapes and sizes and can be worn by different genders, male or female. It is best to pick a hat that corresponds with one’s head shape. Different head shapes have particular hat specifications that suit them.

The hats are a versatile piece of clothing and are a match for any outfit and provided the wearer is not sagging, shorts included.

Can a Cowboy Hat Be Worn With Shorts?

Because cowboy hats are part of an outfit and can be paired with many outfits, cowboy hats can be worn with shorts especially in the hot weather. The reason is that the cowboy hat will prevent the sun from touching your face while the shorts will minimize the level of heat you would have experienced had you wore trousers.

However, if you must wear a cowboy hat with shorts, it is best to wear shorts made of denim or from good material. One might look ridiculous wearing a cowboy hat with shorts made of flimsy material.

Moreover, since the idea behind wearing shorts is to keep cool during the heat, it is advisable to wear a straw hat together with the shorts. Straw hats are designed for use in the summer as they are light and easy to wear and keep the wearer cool. Wearing them in the summer with shorts will provide the perfect shade during hot weather.

Pros of Wearing a Cowboy Hat with Shorts

They Provide Maximum Comfort

Clothes are meant to be comfortable as well as making the wearer look good. In summer, it may get really hot. Too hot to bother with wearing long trousers. In such instances, one might prefer to wear shorts and a cowboy hat for the comfort they bring in hot weather.

They Allow for Ease of Movement

In cases of emergency or situations where fast movement is required, wearing a hat with shorts might be the best bet. For instance, where one hears that there is a fire outbreak, the hassle of putting on trousers and fastening buckles might not be worth a solution. In situations like that, it would be ideal to pick the nearest clothing and wear. A task like scaling a fence to rescue a baby in a burning house would be easier while wearing shorts than in trousers.

Cons of Wearing a Cowboy Hat With Shorts

It is Not Visually Appealing

Honestly, shorts, boots, and a hat cut quite a funny sight. Subconsciously, humans access others by their dressing and respond accordingly. Where one is not properly attired and is dressed in a funny manner, he might find himself the joke of those around him.

It May Cause Wrong Profiling

In the past, only children wore shorts. So, an adult wearing a pair of shorts in public might have been seen as an immature person. That idea may have latched on to today’s society causing people to see adults in shorts as immature jokes. Such a label is not right for anyone.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts with cowboy hats. As long as no one is hurt by it, one has the right to wear whatever he feels like. Even if it is not fashionable or looks good, if the wearer feels nice doing so then there is nothing stopping him. In this case, there are no rules, written or unwritten, proscribing the wearing of shorts with cowboy hats.

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