While driving, there are rules to be followed. These social commandments are different from the technical driving rules one must learn before getting behind the wheels of a car and serve as guides as to the outfit to wear while driving, how to pass a greeting while controlling the steering, and the nuances involved in wearing hats while driving.

To wear a cowboy hat while driving, you must ensure the cowboy hat is your head size and is fitted properly on your head. The brim of the hat needs to be angled in the right way to avoid blocking your view while driving and if the wind is affecting the hat, you can attach a stampede string to the cowboy hat so it can stay in one place while you drive.

In generals, hats are head coverings worn to beautify the wearer while serving as a protective device sheltering the wearer from the harshness of weather elements. Different types of hats exist and they include the cloche, flat cap, newsboy derby pillbox.

Cowboy hats are worn by cowboys who are also known as cowpokes, broncos, wranglers, buckaroos, drovers, vaqueros, or gauchos. Cowboys tend to cows on a farm or in a free-range. They also carry out other farm-related tasks they may be asked to and are active participants at rodeos.

The cowboy hat is his most distinctive symbol. Some cowboys even wear their cowboy hats with feathers attached to them to showcase their achievements, while others like to wear their cowboy hats upside down for luck.

Cowboy hats have a very high crown and a wide brim and can be customized to the preference of the wearer. The high crown is designed to contain a pocket of air that will keep the head cool in hot weather and keep his head warm in cold weather.

The wide brim of the hat ensures that the wearer’s face remains untouched by the sun, wind, rain, or snow. The hat can be worn while walking, outdoors, or horseback riding.

Best Ways to Wear a Cowboy Hat While Driving

Here are how to wear a cowboy hat while driving:

  • Step One: The first step in wearing a cowboy hat while driving is to get a hat that fits properly on your head and your head shape. The hat should sit firmly and be snug without being tight or pinching.
  • Step Two: Ensure that your hair is adjusted before wearing a cowboy hat while driving. This is vital when the cowboy has long hair. Not adjusting it may cause the hair to whip about in the wind as the cowboy drives causing him to lose concentration.
  • Step Three: As the vehicle moves, the wind might whip it about and make it fly off thus distracting the driver. In such instances, it is best to attach the hat to a stampede string. This will keep the hat firmly in place no matter what happens.
  • Step Four: The brim of the hat should be angled in just the right way so it doesn’t cover the cowboy’s eyes or expose his eyes and face to harsh weather conditions.

Once all is done, you are good to go, you can comfortably wear your cowboy hat while driving, but that doesn’t mean you can take tramadol while driving. It is wrong.

However, if wearing your cowboy hat while driving affects your driving ability, skills and judgement, it is better to take it off. There is no need to prove a point at the expense of your life. No one will care whether you are a cowboy or not when something bad happens to you. So be cautious.

Is it Good to Wear a Cowboy Hat While Driving?

Wearing a cowboy hat while driving is not wrong. If it must be worn, it must be worn while driving a truck and not a car. Also, the hat must be a proper fit. It should fit properly on your head. It is not good to drive with a cowboy hat that is bigger than your head to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Pros of Wearing a Cowboy Hat While Driving

The Hats Protect Sight

If the direction one is driving faces the sun, driving will be a most unpleasant task. The sun’s glares directly on the eyes will make the driver uncomfortable. His vision might blur and his eyes may water.

He may have a head-on collision with other drivers or lose concentration and veer off the road. The attendant results from that will not be limited to the driver alone.

Since he isn’t the sole user of the road, the effects of the sun’s rays on his eyes will have rippling consequences on other road users. Prolonged exposure will also constitute a health risk. All of these might cause accidents leading to a loss of life and property.

They Provide Comfort to the Wearer

If the wearer is driving a vehicle without a roof, he/she may be at the mercy of weather elements like rain, snow, sun, and wind.

This will most likely affect his driving and cause him exhaustion as well as affect his sight which is fundamental to safe driving.

By wearing a cowboy hat, the driver protects himself from all of these. The wide brims of a cowboy hat will completely shield his eyes from the adverse effects of the weather.

The high crown of a cowboy hat retains a pocket of hair that can be warm or cold depending on the weather.

It Shows Off the Driver’s Unique Style

One can tell a lot about a person from the car he/she drives and the clothes he/she wears. By wearing a cowboy hat while driving, the driver will be able to announce to the world that he is a cowboy without opening his mouth.

Cons of Wearing a Cowboy Hat While Driving

It May Not be Comfortable

The back of the hat brim will likely hit the headrest of the driver seat. This will constitute a disturbance to the driver who should be completely focused while driving.

A solution might be to push the chair backward but this is not a safe activity. In the event of a crash, having the chair pushed so far back might cause more harm than good.

It is Not Safe

The hat might slide down the wearer’s head and cover his eyes. The eyes are essential to driving. It is an immense risk of attempting to drive with impaired sight.

Can You Wear a Cowboy Hat in a Car?

There is no rule against the wearing of a cowboy hat in a car, therefore, you can wear a cowboy hat in a car. However, modern-day cowboys usually have trucks as their means of transportation.

Trucks are the unofficial cowboy chariot just as cowboy hats are their most distinguishable clothing choice. As such, it stands to reason that cowboy hats should be worn in trucks as both are directly linked to the cowboy.

How to Keep the Cowboy Hat on While Driving

The cowboy hat can be kept on while driving by wearing a stampede string. They are little ropes attached to opposite ends of the sweatband of a hat using pins. When both ends of the string are tied together, they will make the hat fit snugly to the head without being easily knocked off.

Improperly fitted hats do not look good on anyone and can constitute a nuisance while driving. The hat can stay on while driving if it is the correct size and shape. It must fit the wearer completely so it does not fall off while negotiating a dangerous bend.


Like every aspect of life, rules exist to guide the wearing of a cowboy hat. There are rules for different circumstances and in this case, the spotlight is on the wearing of a cowboy hat while driving. The rules are not superficial social niceties without a practical purpose. Rather, they are in place to protect the wearers.

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