Is it disrespectful to wear a hat at a funeral? Funerals are ceremonies where you go to respect the dead, support and comfort the family of the deceased.

It is not disrespectful to wear a hat at a funeral service and at the gravesite as long as the hat is clean and formal. However, if you are a man, you are not expected to wear your hat at a funeral as doing so may be considered disrespect to the dead and the family of the deceased. 

You can wear your hat from your house but when you get to the funeral service, you must remove your hat if you are a man.

However, women can still have their hats on during the funeral but the hat should be moderate. It shouldn’t have a very wide brim. It shouldn’t be floral or colorful. A woman should also remove her hat when it is obstructing the view of others. It won’t be nice when there are whispers during the service. There should be silence because it’s a funeral service so there should be no noise. So if your hat is causing a distraction, kindly remove it.

This means that your dress speaks a lot about you. When you are going to a funeral, you have to bear in mind that it’s not a party.  You can’t dress anyhow to a funeral because every attention must be on the deceased. You can’t wear bright-colored dresses, floral dresses, or any color that can cause distraction.

Dark colors like black and gray are still the generally acceptable colors you should wear to a funeral. Your outfit should be more conservative. When you are not properly dressed for a funeral, you are not only disrespecting the family of the deceased but also the deceased.

Hats used to be integral parts of outfits in the past. But in this century, you only put on a hat if it complements your outfit.

Funeral Etiquette

In western culture, every social activity has its etiquette. When you don’t follow etiquette, you will be seen to be rude.

A funeral also has its etiquette. There is the way you should behave and act. You are meant to be quiet at a funeral and only offer your comfort at the right time. Moving up and down the hall will be distracting and the family of the deceased won’t be happy with it.

There are certain outfits you should wear to a funeral and ones you shouldn’t try at all. For men, the dress code includes dark suits with a plain shirt but they must be of solid color preferably white, a tie, and a shoe. No sneakers or flip-flops. That’s too disrespectful. Dark jackets and pants are also acceptable

For women, dark skirts (not too short) with suits are acceptable. It can also be a dark skirt or pants with a blouse or top that has sleeves.

Children too should be well dressed. The jeans are not good at all. Also, there are religions that have their mode of dress for funerals. Some wear white instead of black. This is common in India.

In some cultures, the women cover their heads and wear long skirts. The color can also be chosen by the funeral planner.

In Nigeria, there is what is called aso ebi. This is the particular attire that the family of the deceased will choose for the funeral. They will also pick another attire and color for the guests to wear to the funeral.

Funerals in Nigeria are as a party except if the deceased is a young person. You have to know the dress code for the funeral you are attending. Everyone must adhere to the rule. Don’t do whatever you want or else you will be the odd one out.

Can I Wear a Hat to a Funeral?

Yes, you can. But if you are a man, when you enter the hall for the funeral service, you have to remove your hat. It’s a sign of respect for the deceased and the family. A woman can still leave her hat on.

Although you can wear a hat as a female, your hat must not be distracting. It shouldn’t have bright colors. It should be of moderate size or else you will be obstructing the view of others and it won’t be nice.

There are cultures that permit men to wear caps to a funeral. There are people that don’t accept western culture. It is the western culture that disallows you to wear a hat to a funeral.

Is it Disrespectful to Wear a Hat at a Funeral?

It is disrespectful and rude for a man to wear a hat at a funeral. You’ll disrespect the family when you do that. People will be uncomfortable and you will raise a few eyebrows. Removing your hat shows that you are sorry for the loss and that you respect the deceased.

Also, as a woman, it is disrespectful to wear an overly large hat to a funeral. You are not going to a party. Although you can wear your church wear to a funeral, don’t add that wide-brimmed hat.

However, if the religion of the deceased permits men to put on hats, then you are free to. You aren’t going to see the deceased again so why do you want to disrespect him/her.

Remember that you are disrespectful when you do things when you shouldn’t do them. If you don’t adhere to instructions governing a place, you are disrespectful.

Why is it Disrespectful to Wear a Hat at a Funeral?

It is disrespectful to wear a hat at a funeral because you may be disrespecting the deceased and the family of the deceased. The family of the deceased won’t be happy because you just disrespected the dead. If the religion of the deceased permits hats or caps, then you are obeying their doctrines.

Ask questions before you attend a funeral service so you won’t appear rude. Not everyone will understand that you don’t know there is something called hat etiquette.

What Color of Hat Should I Wear to a Funeral?

You can wear a black hat to a funeral. Avoid any bright colors that will be distracting. You aren’t going to a party or to the church. Your hat should be on the conservative side. It could be of a dark color hat. You can also wear a moderate hair fascinator.

Also, the color of a hat might be picked by the planner so you have to wear the color picked. You won’t want to look different.


Asking is it disrespectful to wear a hat at a funeral is like asking if disrespectful for a woman should wear a hat to the church. When people die, you are to comfort the family. To lose a loved one is not a good experience especially if the deceased is a young person. Preparing for funerals is a task so you are to attend a funeral with compassion in mind.

Funerals are not ceremonies to go and act anyhow. Your actions, words, and outfits must be respectful. The family of the deceased is in sorrow. One of the only ways to support them is by showing up for the service. When you show up, don’t wear something that would make people chuckle or frown during the service. It doesn’t portray you well before them.

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